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Ludvig Holberg’s Writings

Ludvig Holberg (1684–1754) is one of the main figures of the Scandinavian Enlightenment. His numerous and multifaceted writings occupy a central position in the literature of both Denmark and Norway.

This is the first digital critical edition of Holberg’s collected writings. The texts are fully searchable and equipped with commentaries, introductions, critical apparatus, and facsimiles.

Medallion inscribed with LVDOVICVS LIBER BARO DE HOLBERG with a portrait of LH

Jeg hører undertiden heller min Kocke-Pige tale end jer;
thi hun taler fornuftigt udi en slett Kocke-Pige-Stiil og I fører Pølse-Snak udi en lærd Stiil.